Is it true that sex is mostly in the head?

If sex is mostly in the head, it depends on what part of the body we are talking about. Seriously though, the mind plays an essential role in getting turned on. However, if a man makes out with a sex doll, does he still have to imagine that the toy is human?


The triggers

There are times that we need for our mind to agree with what our body wants. Yet, our bodies can send out triggers to our brain, saying that it needs something like food. The body is hungry; the signal is sent to the brain; therefore, the person will hunt for food. 

A physical need

Sex is a physical need, and the urge in the loins to be touched will send the signal to the mind. The desire to feel a climax will be burning, taking over the body, making one focus their thoughts on going sex dating. Here are some tips. It can be a burning desire that may be stopped with a cold shower, but the wanting to have sex will happen again when there is a trigger.

Thinking about sex

It has been said that men think about sex a lot of times throughout the day. When a man sees a desirable woman, he might get an erection just by looking at her. Thus, porn magazines and videos are commonly used to make a man horny, as the images trigger his mind to initiate sex.

The brain matters

It is a fact that the brain is the sexiest organ that has to be triggered for a person to want sex. However, arousal can happen by being touched, but the mind must be there to focus on having sex.  A distraction can make one lose interest, such as a sudden knock on the door.

The attraction

When there is love or any similar kind of attraction to a potential partner, neurons in the ventral tegmentum begin to produce dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter.  This dopamine is then pumped into the caudate nucleus and other brain regions, such as the hypothalamus. When the dopamine is at the highest level, it can induce the hormonal activity for the release of testosterone, which makes a male get an increase in their sexual drive.

The arousal

Arousal happens by physical or visual triggers. What happens is that the nitric oxide neurotransmitter is released by the autonomic nervous system. This chemical shall boost the blood flow rapidly into the private area of the corpora cavernosa which is the part of the penis with the spongy tubes. These tubes will inflate, making the veins squeeze shut. This nitric oxide release is also responsible for an aroused woman’s clitoral swelling.

Body and mind

What happens to our body when we want to have sex are physical reactions because of neuro activity that triggers our hormones, among other things. Sex is a physical activity yet the mind plays an important role in the building up of the desire. If the mind and body do agree, a person will want to go sex dating.